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Yarn Painting - 24

Yarn Painting - 24" (60 cms)

Made by Huichol Indians of Mexico

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Brand : Huichol
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Made by Huichol Indians of Mexico

Yarn painting: 60 x 60 cms

The yarn paintings are also known as nierikas and represent the visions of the Huichol shamans, these are usually worn during the ceremonies where the peyote (hallucinogenic cactus known as hikuri) is consumed. Within its symbolism we can find a variety of symbols that are made with yarn such as: the deer, the hikuri, eagles, wind flower and many more.

Give Mexican crafts to your friends or your guests. Our selection can be customized and are the detail that never goes unnoticed. Get to know the true spirit of crafts and take part in the history of Huichol crafts.

Huichol art

Yarn painting

Yarn painting

24" (60 cms)


Dimension (L x W x H) 60 x 60 x 0.5 Centimetros
Weight 1.5 Kilogramos