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Cabeza - Jaguar Head (S)
  • Cabeza - Jaguar Head (S)
  • Cabeza - Jaguar Head (S)
  • Cabeza - Jaguar Head (S)

Cabeza - Jaguar Head (S)

Huichol.- Jaguar lined with beads.

SKU : XAHF19200-1
Brand : Huichol
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US$ 75.00

Huichol.- Jaguar lined with beads.

Jaguar head- Huichol art

The jaguar head is a variety of objects that are lined with multicolored beads, they are works made by the Huichol of Nayarit. In them are made drawings such as deer, peyote (hikuri), milpas, eagles, suns etc. which represent cultural traditions. The figures of the Huichols are full of color and symbolism. They are an excellent 100% Mexican gift.

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Give Mexican crafts to your friends or your guests. Our selection can be customized and are the detail that never goes unnoticed. Get to know the true spirit of crafts and take part in the history of Huichol crafts.

Huichol art

Jaguar head


Dimension (L x W x H) 8.5 x 6 x 6 Centimetros
Weight 0.1 Kilogramos